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There is one certainty if you are living in or operating a business in the midwest: you will experience storms and the resulting damage.  The recent Derecho that tore through Iowa left buildings severely damaged. We can assist you with repairs and work with your insurance company to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Getting you the full value for your claim.

Insurance companies want to pay as little as possible toward your hail damage claim. Many times, in an insurance claim situation, the insurers deny claims or only agree to pay a portion. The property owner lacks the resources to prove to the insurance company that the damage is affecting the functionality and performance of the roofing system. It can be frustrating and confusing trying to get results. The insurance companies simply take the easiest path to denial that they can, and their adjusters are working for them, not for you.

Following any storm there are contractors, adjusters and others who seemingly come out of the woodwork and make promises of getting you the full value for your roof claim. They are not always properly licensed, certified, insured or competent in understanding the system and how the claims process works. They want to earn a quick buck and may leave you with more issues than you had immediately after the storm.

We put the owner first.

At Exterior Solutions Group, we’ve created a new approach to insurance claims that will help you get the full coverage that you are entitled to in order to make repairs.  

Our experts will assist you in submitting the claim and be with you through every step of the claims process to ensure that you receive what you are entitled to in order to repair the damage properly. 

Effective Team Work

Our crews have worked together as a team for years and always provide the highest quality installation. 

100 Years' Experience

The commercial roofing experts at Exterior Solutions Group have combined experience surpassing 100 years!.


We have the most advanced systems and software in place to ensure your roofing project’s success.

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Client Testimonial

“Working with Tim quashed any hesitations about shady contractors each step of the way! He promised and delivered at every level….I would recommend Tim to anyone if they are in the market for a new roof. I looked around and I just felt comfortable with Tim.”

Dave D. 

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Disaster Response Services

We also offer the following storm response services:

Disaster Response

– Blue tarp services
– Stop water damage
– Crews onsite ASAP

Emergency Response

– Temporary repairs to damage
– 24-hour response
– Inspect for larger issues and permanent repairs

Rapid Response

– Temporary repairs as needed
– Report and recommendations for you and your insurer
– 48-hour response
– Inspect for additional damage & larger issues
– Permanent repairs as possible

Repair, Restoration and Maintenance

– Work with you and your carrier to determine best and most cost-effective solution
– Minimize impact on daily operations
– Build a better roof for next time

Benefits to Using ESG for Hail and Storm Response

– Maximize ROI for you and your insurer
– Plan for next time, build a more hail resistant roof
– Use proven companies and materials
– Provide more comprehensive warranty to protect you in the future
– Use materials that can be recycled for your next roof
– Install a system that can be repaired, restored more easily if another event were to occur

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