Maintenance Plans

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A program designed to meet your needs.

Our programs are designed to provide more than just coming to the rescue when you have a leak. We provide increasing levels of service to meet your specific needs and help make your roof lasts as long as possible.

Every roof, whether brand new or 20 years old, needs service and maintenance. Most manufacturer warranties recommend or require annual maintenance be performed on the roof system. This is one of our specialties. Our team can perform annual or bi-annual inspections, take care of minor service items, make small repairs to take care of small problems before they become big ones. We can build a custom maintenance program to meet your needs and budget.

Effective Team Work

Our crews have worked together as a team for years and always provide the highest quality installation. 

100 Years' Experience

The commercial roofing experts at Exterior Solutions Group have combined experience surpassing 100 years!


We have the most advanced systems and software in place to ensure your roofing project’s success.

Optimizing the performance of your roof.

Regardless of which level you choose, you can rest assured we will take care of your roof like it was our own. Our services will be performed by trained personnel and will be safely completed in the highest quality manner.


We are experienced in working on all types of roofing systems including Modified Bitumen, Single Ply (TPO, EPDM, PVC, etc.), Built-up Roofing, Liquid-applied systems, Metal and more.

Real-time facility control system.

At ESG, the software we use provides a real-time control system. It records actions in real-time and can be used to generate reports. The software, programmed with tables, accommodates more than roofing such as managing other industry trades. The Service Dispatch Command Center gives you access to the tools that make things happen. You can track the status of your service in the same way you are used to tracking packages. See when the crew was dispatched, their estimated time of arrival, when the work is in progress, when the issue has been resolved and when the work is completed.

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Safety first

Safety is a top priority for us at ESG. We put the safety of our workers and building occupants first on every job.

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