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"A visionary and pragmatist..."

“Ken Flickinger is both a visionary and pragmatist in his leadership. This is a great combination because he can quickly assess an organization and its needs, see a path forward and implement that path. This is rare in a leader.” 

— Deborah Raupp

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"Vast industry knowledge..."

“Ken brings to the table his vast industry knowledge, strong leadership attributes, a friendly competitive spirit and a contagious sense of enthusiasm that allowed him to take on challenges and rally various different groups of people together so they could think and act as one collaborative team”
— Tania Carrara


"Promised and delivered at every level..."

“Working with Tim quashed any hesitations about shady contractors each step of the way! He promised and delivered at every level….I would recommend Tim to anyone if they are in the market for a new roof. I looked around and I just felt comfortable with Tim.”
— Dave D.

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"Unsurpassed quality..."

[Kyle] started this project off at a record pace and with unsurpassed quality and excellence.

-Mark Anderson, Tremco

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