Build a strategic plan for your roof

Roofing systems are a critical component in your business. Whether you are in healthcare, retail, commercial real estate, banking, warehousing, every business needs a roof that will protect your investment and deliver the performance necessary to meet market demand.  Because a new roof represents a large capital investment, it’s important to approach your building’s roof with a strategic plan.

Start today. Don’t wait until you experience a problem or leak. The product or operations inside is too valuable for losses or interruption in business operations. The first step is to understand what you have. What kind of roof is it? What is the condition? What is the estimated age? Once you have the answers to these questions, you can begin to build a sensible, cost-effective strategy that will give you the maximum return on your investment.

1 – What is your long-term goal?

Look ahead to the future and decide what your long-term goal is with your building’s roof. If your long-term goal is to eventually install a new roof, it’s critical that you make sure the short-term solution is going to be compatible with your long-term plan.

2 – How will the codes in your city or municipality affect your project?

In some cities, such as Denver, Colorado, performing roof work can result in the need to pull a permit and get the roof up to the current code. This can lead to spending thousands of dollars that you might not be prepared to invest. An experienced, professional roofing contractor will understand the unique requirements and building codes in the city where your building is located. They can offer solutions that meet the immediate needs of your roof and your operations inside the building, that won’t require extensive upgrades or modifications, while assisting in building the long-term, strategic facility plan.

3- What about future expansion?

As more states come online and we head toward a transnational market, more regulatory agencies will be involved with your building than ever before. Each state presents a different set of compliance challenges that require a proactive plan. Identifying a long-term solution and partnering with a contractor that can meet your needs wherever you are operating puts you ahead of your competition.

Building the right solution for your facility starts when you utilize experienced professionals who can become your trusted advisors. With so many choices, changing standards, codes and providers, I believe success lies in putting together a team that can help you build a great plan. A contractor with experience in your facility type, who is obsessed with attention to detail is a must. Once the plan is in place, executing it becomes the mission of the project team.

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