Preparing your Roof for Hail Season

Hail stones

When it comes to the health and maintenance of your commercial roof, regular inspections are a key component to ensuring your roof’s longevity, preventing minor issues from developing into large, costly repairs and maintaining an overall safe environment in your building. Take advantage of the window between winter and the start of hail season in the spring for your regular roof inspections. This way, any damage that may have occurred during the winter can be detected and properly addressed before hail season has the opportunity to make existing problems more severe.

Much like the ways in which we maintain our own wellbeing such as keeping our teeth healthy with regular trips to the dentist, or that of our vehicles through oil changes, your roof is counting on you to do the same, which is what makes an annual spring inspection so important.

A variety of factors make up the health and functionality of your roof and help determine how well your roof can withstand potential damage from hailstorms. The age of your roof, the condition of its materials, and the severity of past winters and hail seasons all contribute to the need for inspection. If you have an older roof that has been through many seasons and has not been inspected regularly, the likelihood of existing damage and greater susceptibility to the elements is stronger. A new roof may sustain minor issues that may not immediately cause problems but left unchecked and uninspected will eventually turn into an older roof with extensive damage that is harder to address and more expensive to repair.

Hail seasons vary in severity and factors such as the size and density of hailstones affect their potential to damage a roof. Regular exposure to all types of hail has the same long-term effects on your roof and, combined with regular wear and tear, the damage to your roof (and your wallet) can be detrimental.

Regardless of the age and current condition of your roof, it’s imperative to begin your annual inspections as soon as possible, as hail damage is hardest to recognize on flat roofs and often goes unnoticed until further structural building damage is seen such as cracks and roof leaks.

Get your roof ready for hail season now, before it’s too late.Our team can perform annual or bi-annual inspections, take care of minor service items, and make small repairs to take care of small problems before they become big ones. We can build a custom maintenance program to meet your needs and budget. Contact us today.


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