Why replace your roof when you can restore it?

A roof replacement is a major capital improvement that comes with many considerations. Replacements can be costly and labor-intensive, and aren’t necessarily environmentally friendly, generating a significant amount of landfill waste. Additionally, a replacement may require more in-depth planning due to the impact on your budget and the potential to disrupt or suspend building operations during construction. Depending on your roof’s current condition, you might be able to restore it with a roof coating system instead.

Restoration with a roof coating system can bring your roof back to life without the challenges or costs that often come with a replacement. A roof coating system, also known as “fluid-applied roofing,” is a protective coating applied to your roof that offers a cost-effective, sustainable solution that can extend the life of your roof by 10-20 years and offer warranty protection. There are multiple types of coatings available including silicone, acrylic, aluminum and polyurethane; all of which are typically applied using spray, brush, and roller methods. There are reflective, energy efficient, ENERGY STAR®-rated coatings that can reduce your cooling costs and improve comfort for those inside the building.

Roof coatings come with many benefits that show why choosing to restore rather than replace is the best option for your roof:

  • Reflective roof coatings keep your roof cool and can help lower your energy costs. Unlike a dark-colored roof, a white, coated roof reflects heat, which lowers temperatures on the roof and in the building. A dark roof produces the opposite effect by absorbing heat into the roof. When we apply sunscreen, we do so to protect our skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. Your skin protects the inside of your body like a roof protects the inside of a building. A reflective roof coating essentially acts as a long-lasting sunscreen for your roof by providing protection and decreasing thermal shock, the expansion and contraction of roof materials caused by UV rays.
  • The durability and elasticity of coatings allow adhesion to your roof, producing a protective seal with a waterproofing quality to aid in leak prevention.
  • Ease of installation requiring less labor and materials than a replacement significantly reduces costs and landfill waste. Coating installation will also not interfere with building operation in the disruptive manner that might be caused by a roof replacement.
  • Roof life extension provides long-term benefits to your roof’s functionality and your budget. Additionally, extension doesn’t stop with one coating. After 10-20 years when your current roof coating has reached the end of its functional duration, the roof can be recoated, effectively allowing you to continue reusing your existing roof through restoration, a great alternative to an entirely new roof.
  • Relatively low maintenance – once installed, roof coatings can be simple to maintain with proper care. One of the best preventive measures you can take in caring for your roof is an annual inspection. A regular assessment of your roof’s condition will contribute to the effectiveness of your roof and its coating by staying on top of any possible damage and making repairs before bigger issues arise. An optimal time for an inspection is in the spring, prior to the start of hail season and in the fall, before the start of winter.

As a building owner in Colorado, restoring your roof with a reflective, energy-efficient roof coating system may qualify you for C-PACE financing which requires no money down and finances 100 percent of the project.

Lastly, building owners in the city of Denver will be happy to know that a roof coating system that doesn’t use fabric in the installation is not subject to Denver’s Green Building’s Ordinance and it doesn’t even require a permit. 

Ready to consider restoration? Contact us today to see if your roof is a candidate.


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